House cleaning services

Adele is proud to offer you a professional service specialized in residential housecleaning. Founded in 1994, we have developed working techniques in housecleaning that will surpass all your expectations. A house cleaned by Adele remains cleaner longer.

Bespoke Residential Housekeeping

When you turn to us, you leave your home to Adele’s meticulous care. Each room is important to its smallest detail. We combine expertise and efficiency to exceed your expectations. Each housekeeping is done in the utmost discretion.


Heavy-Duty House-Cleaning

Whether it is to welcome summer or winter, to offer yourself a fresh start after allowing dirt to accumulate for too long, or for any other reason, a heavy-duty cleaning is always a tedious task. In order to allow yourself that well-deserved fresh start we offer a la carte packages, focusing on the chores you want to get rid of.


We provide everything for your house cleaning

You do not have to provide any product or equipment. Adele is always looking to innovate and therefore tests both new products and techniques to offer you the best service.

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Your trust in our housekeeping services is important

Each of Adele’s new employee has to go through an independent investigation by Garda, a world renowned security firm. This gives our customers an additional guarantee of our team’s reliability and trustworthiness.

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Clean house satisfaction

Our teams use only the most reliable and eco-friendly products. They also adapt to our customers’ specific requests in order to make sure our services meet their every need and standard.

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Eco-Responsible residential cleaner

Adele is still today the only company to have developed a true expertise in domestic housekeeping while adapting to the latest best sanitation practices. One of Adele’s many exclusive benefits is how long houses entrusted to us stay clean.