An Update on Adèle House Cleaning

Three years ago, Adèle Plus and the communications agency Les Évadés joined forces to launch Adèle House Cleaning. Creating an online booking platform for house cleaning was a great challenge! To celebrate Adèle House Cleaning 3rd anniversary, here are the top 3 highlights of the company.

#3: Concentrated Cleaning Products
To further reduce the ecological footprint of its cleaning service, Adèle House Cleaning has decided to launch cleaning products in a concentrated form. The Pros, therefore, exchanged their 1-liter plastic bottles for tiny 30 ml bottles. This initiative will reduce the plastic consumption of the team by more than 80%!

#2: Gift Cards
Who doesn’t like to receive some extra time as a gift? Adèle House Cleaning now gives you the possibility to offer credits for house cleanings to your loved ones. In a few clicks, you can buy and send an original and thoughtful gift. 

#1 Launch in Toronto City
The ambitious company decided to launch its service in English Canada in 2018. The city of Toronto represented another challenge for the Montreal-based company. Armed with a team of extraordinary Pros and top knowledge in house cleaning, it was not long before Adèle House Cleaning carved out a place in the Toronto market. One thing is sure; nothing; can stop the innovators behind Adèle!