Our story, our values

Who we are

Since 1994, Adele specializes in domestic housekeeping. Since the company’s foundation, its management team stayed focused on finding and developing the most effective cleaning products and techniques. This ultra-specialization translates through the development of a specific know-how which remains unique across the domestic housekeeping industry.

All our employees are trained according to our housekeeping techniques prior to their first visit to one of our customers’ home.


Our Mission

We aim to offer an upscale housekeeping service, renowned for its reliability and competitive price.
We raise the industry’s standards and bring back the credit deserved by housekeeping professionals.

We Make the Difference

Due to Adele’s extensive know-how, we managed to build a brand known for its expertise among an industry experiencing a strong growth. By standardizing our methods and implementing higher quality standards, we created a service known for its constancy, and unrivalled quality.

Each franchisee and employee receives extensive training to master the products and techniques to clean each type of surface. Our employees are all housekeeping experts who know the best techniques to clean all types of materials and surfaces commonly found in our modern homes.

Moreover, we investigate every new employee to make sure he is trustworthy before he is sent to our clients’ homes. This is just an additional guarantee that we offer our customers to make sure you get the most complete peace of mind when leaving your home in our hands.

If you are looking for housekeepers, we invite you to have a look at our Domestic housekeeping section.

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